DanceSmith  Outreach  Outreach

DanceSmith seeks to bring live art to a broad range of audiences. Thus, not only does the company perform in professional theaters
like the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, but also performs in smaller venues such as the Marvin Theatre on the campus of
The George Washington University and in community theatres such as the Atlas Performing Arts Center in North East Washington. DanceSmith is proud to be the Resident Performing Dance Company of the Atlas.

The company also takes its art into the community in open air festivals, narrated performances, open studio rehearsals
and presentations of works in progress.

Open Rehearsals and Works in Progress

Outreach By bringing the audience into the studio to experience open rehearsals and the creation of works in progress, DanceSmith breaks down the distance between performer and audience that is created in a formal setting. The audience can see the dancers as more human, and can share the effort and athleticism that they devote to their craft. The audience also comes to understand how dances are made, the creation of each movement by the choreographer and the recognition of each count of music.

Narrated Performances

Narrated Performances Since its inception, DanceSmith has presented narrated performances at which extracts from the company's repertoire are introduced by Artistic Director Natalie Moffett Smith. The narration includes an introduction to the training of the dancers and basic elements of their movement, explained in the context of the works that are performed. In addition, the craft of the choreographer is discussed, both the influences that inspired the work, and the technical execution of the movement and interrelationship of the dancers.

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